Tuesday, April 19, 2005

87 Days

I found this counter that I put onto my desktop which gives me a countdown to the second of when the next Harry Potter Book...Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is released! Yes, I love Harry Potter..can help it! It amazingly addictive and I think great for all ages..heck..Parker loves Harry!

Busy day..following a busy evening of 5 hours of training for Scrapbook Design University at the scrapbook store. I must go again Wednesday night. Very hard to go and be inside for that long when I prefer to get out and walk in the evenings and I definitely can't during the day!

Looking forward to Friday night when I am having friends and customers over for a scrapbook crop! Will be alot of fun!

Oh and hey..Meet The Fockers is here! WE have IT!!! Update tomorrow on it..still laugh at the one line Dustin Hoffman says to DiNero about the toilets:

If it's brown flush it down.. If it's yellow..let it mellow! HA

Have a good one!


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