Monday, April 04, 2005

Beautiful Weekend!

Wow! We had such beautiful weather this weekend! The kids spent all day Saturday and Sunday outside. We pratcially had to drag them in at night! I snaped a few pictures of them! They played and played!! It was a good weekend for me too! Got my Mother's Day class mini book done! Even after having to completely change all the papers and such for it since the store was out of stock of everything. Talk about upsetting! And while at the store getting the supplies Friday night...I missed a very important phone call!! Sharon and Mark!! Sharon if you are reading this..I will email you..I was so upset with myself when I found out you both had called! I am so glad Scott talked to you though and filled me in!! You must have known I was thinking about you too! I think you sense it!! Still..I miss you!! Hope Luke's Christening went well!! I'm sure it was lovely!!

Well must go..just wanted to get a note in here..have a great day!



  1. Love the colors of this layout - great, as usual! Scott is so tan - gesh, is that from Cancun last year?

  2. Yep...taken while in Cancun! You should see the pictures of the boys taken this same night! In fact..I'll post those too! this you Deidre??


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