Saturday, April 09, 2005


Well that is what it is today! Beautiful! Actually sat outside in my swimsuit! In April no less! How funny is that! And great too. The kids were running around in their suits using their slip n slide. It is actually 77 degrees darn nice!!

Had a nice day..met Deidre, Alison and her mom at the Scrapbook Expo! Sadly none of the KI was to be found and of course none of the new Doodlebug either! Typical! But that didn't stop me from buying things! GEsh! Bought all sorts of stuff..but really wanted the new KI! Will just have to wait for Croppers' Cottage to put it up for sale and buy it there!HA

Beautiful day for a drive too! Took the Vette...lots of fun..needed the top off..but I haven't a clue how to take it off on my own. Will have to learn one of these days. I am off to scrapbook a bit and then go for a long walk! Gotta get this body in swimsuit shape! Scary!!!

Until tomorrow,


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