Friday, April 08, 2005


Yeah! It's Friday and it's not raining! Has to be a good day right?? The kids are all off school today..although Connor and Haley are still sleeping..which is nothing new. Parker is up..he hardly ever sleeps past 7:30 and if so..he always looks like he has grown! He is a morning kind of guy!!

Looking forward to going with Deidre and Alison to the Scrapbook Expo tomorrow. Will feel kind of weird since technically I should be working..but since they didn't ask me..and when I asked they said no. Then when they thought about it and asked was too late. Weird! Hoping someone will carry lots of lots of the new KI and Scenic Route papers! Like I need more papers! HA

Going to try and get some scrapping done today since I have only one little guy and he is sound asleep right. I am going to work with the piles and piles of pictures I already have since the new printer won't arrive until next week. I bought these cute albums from Kohl's and have tried to organize alot of my "loose" photos into them to avoid that where I find pictures..swear there are more from this particular occasion. Go ahead and scrapbook them..then when I start on the next project..find those darn pictures! Happens every darn maybe this will help keep me a bit more organized!HA

Okay..going to get started..


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