Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Gettin' Jiggy With It!

To coin a cool song from Will Smith..that is exactly what I have to do! Too many things all happening in one day and here I am blogging when I should be working on other tasks! What is a girl to do!

2 more people want to come to tonight's class.and since 2 people are wanting kits..I am going to let them since they are great customers. So..that brings the total to 18. Then another customer asked if she can have a kit as well since she is giving her mom her album and wants one for herself! So 19! WOW! I obviously did well with this one..need to offer it again! Hopefully the postman will have my box or poor Scott will be driving all over St. Louis for me! PLEASE show up box!HA

Then on top of getting all this done and ready for tonight I am supposed to write out the CTMH presentation that we are teaching. They want the entire 25 minute class written out by tomorrow! So silly!! Have you ever tried to coordinate a class with someone you don't know who lives in another state?? Not the easiest thing in the world to do!! So..I will give it my best. I don't know why they need it written out versus an outline like they said.

And I have to do an "opposites" themed layout for ScrapJazz in time for this weekend. Didn't even know I had to do one! Thank goodness that is all Parker talks of lately..he's say..Mom...up or down, right or left, this way or that way, easy or hard..he cracks me up! I took some pictures of him with water balloons the other day and one is big..and yep..the other little! So perfect..just to find the time!

Well, I am off to work on that convention class..hard to force a class out of you! GESH..hopefully it will be worth all the work!!



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