Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's Here! new printer is here and it is beautiful! If printers can be!! It is also HUGE! Holy about wide format!HA Unfortunately I can't hook it up yet since Scott is killing me by waiting till the last second to file our taxes. And this stupid computer needs to be reformatted. So I can't reformat it until he is done and definitely don't want to upload the software and then turn around and do it again. is patiently waiting..staring at me!

I need it though because I need to print out pictures to use on the layouts I have to create for Cropper's Cottage. What a mess!LOL Never fails. Oh and some very exciting news...was asked to provide more information as I am in the running for a design team position with ScrapJazz!! This would be amazing for me! HUGE! BIG! So..cross your fingers for me as I might know by tomorrow! for now..beautiful day! Scott sold a house yesterday so whew! We have a paycheck coming!! That is always a good day! Headed to Build A Bear tonight with Haley's Girl Scout troop! Should be crazy!


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