Thursday, April 21, 2005

It's Not Fair!!

It's not really isn't! Here I was so darn upset that my incredible printer went and died on me. Hemmed and hawwed and debated about what to do..what printer to buy. Thought on it..keep wishing my printer would magically work again so I didn't have to bother with all this. Ordered the new printer..amazing thing! Got it last Thursday but couldn't do anything with it until after taxes. Friday night..on a whim decided to print some pictures out with the old printer since I needed to get my layouts done for Cropper's Cottage. Figured..who cares if they have red streaks everywhere.

Then it happened..the picture came out..perfect! I mean..just beatiful. Figured it was a I did another and another and pretty soon..had printed out about 10+ pictures and what do you know..they were all perfect. So it printer has come back! GESH!!

So..more hemming and hawwing and debating and I came to the realization..that the new printer had to go back. I just can't keep it while this one is working(again) and need for dumb computer doesn't even have enough ports for the connections!HA So..sadly I boxed it up..and sent it back!

The plus side is...I watched Meet the Fockers..and that will make any sadness leave you! What a crazy funny movie!!


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  1. Cute pics of the kids! I watched most of Meet the Fockers last night too - can't wait to watch it again Friday night - it is hilarious. Glad to hear you get to save some money on the printer - more money for scrapbooking supplies, or gymboree clothes, or millions of other things....
    see ya tomorrow night.


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