Friday, April 01, 2005

Not a Joke!

For me this is a day that is normally filled with jokes and such. But actually a very good thing is happening today..the online site, Cropper's Cottage announced officially its new design team. Which I am now please to be a member of! Should be very fun! I will receive supplies and such to use and post layouts with each month! Should be good! The link to the site is here under "Links" for Cropper's Cottage. Go see!!

I am still waiting for more informatin concerning the CTMH convention. As of now I still don't know my partner..although I think I have an idea. My upline posted her upline's newsletter which congratulated 2 other ladies and myself on being chosen to teach. And I named our area that we will be teaching. Strangely enough..mine is journaling and on of the other two gals is the same. And I received an email from my convention coordinator..and my email and this other's gals are both on it. So..I think I know who she is..but haven't officially been told yet. Should be weird coordinating things when I live here and this gal lives in California. Not quite sure yet on the details. Need more info!!

Well, I must sleeping and my kitchen floor is in need of serious help so I am off to tackle that before Parker gets home and baby wakes up! Have a great Friday!!



  1. Hey Julia!!! We're happy to have you at the Cottage. You do AWESOME work!!!!!

    I think I might have to talk to you about some of those CTMH stamps, I love that they are acrylics now!!!!!

  2. ANY time Gretchen!! And I am thrilled to be there too! Thanks again for picking me!


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