Friday, April 29, 2005


This week has been all about numbers it seems and I think that is why my head hurts. For a Realtor..everything they do is number related..what to price a house at, what is a house worth, how much to offer, what homes around the area have sold for, how many showing have you had, how much commission..numbers numbers and more numbers! For us this week..those numbers really stink!! Badly!

Scott sat down and made a list for me of all the deals(listings and sales) he has lost over the past 2+ months..and the numbers are really scary! Over $2 million dollars!! That is HUGE..translation in numbers..about $40,000 in income. That is why this week..numbers are making me really sick. Sick sick sick!!

These numbers are the reason that I am cancelling our trip and my opportunity to teach at the CTMH convention.(very hard to do!) These numbers are the reason that Scott and I are both walking around in a semi-fog wondering what we should do next. These stupid numbers are actually making us miserable! It is very hard to always be the cheerleader when I feel just as lousy as he today..numbers are the enemy and we are declaring war on them.

He has a huge amount of "potential buyers" again..the number factor plays in. The percentage of how many people actually wind up using you againist those who don't. It's like 2 out of 10..scary! And to really get you even madder are are those people who he works with for months on end..only for them to drive by a FSBO and put a contract on it forgetting that they could of called Scott and let him handle it! More numbers! They are making us crazy..and feel like they are running our lives..which they are right now! And making us very worried..can't help it!

Funny enough..I have been all about numbers discount at the store going down, the pay decrease, the number of students I have for class, the numbers of class kits to make versus the number of supplies the store is short and now I have to order the supplies myself. Hopefully the store will reimburse me for the number amount I spent..and not say no. the number of layouts I need to have done by tomorrow for the design team. Numbers are the problem this week. I hate numbers...there I said it..they stink!!

And funny enough..I don't like numbers..never did never have..I like colors..I wonder what that means!(Haley is the same as well..we're in trouble!)

PS..if anyone needs an incredible Realtor, who'll work his tail off for you..let me know..I'll give you his "number"!

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