Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Printer Woes

Well sadly it looks like the printer I love is going to the junk yard or Ebay! I still can't believe how one minute it was fine and the next not. But from what I have read..Epson's are known for the printer head problems and I guess it was my turn. I decided to get a wide format printer so I can print on my 12 by 12 scrapbook papers. And wound up choosing an incredible printer that my friend Dee just got. And Canon i9900. Which should be great since my digital camera is a Canon and they can be directly linked up without the computer! Thank goodness since it is on it's last leg an when it dies I can still print pictures without it!HAHA

The kids had fun last night. We met Mom(Grandma or Grandpa as Parker calls her) at McDonald's and then went to Dollar Tree. Parker and Connor were so funny and Parker threw about everything in the store into Mom's cart! What a goof!

Well, I need to finish a layout for the scrapbook store to take the the Expo..and everyone is I am off!



  1. Sorry you had to by a new printer - but I am sure you going to LOVE it! Great pictures - they even brightened my day! Have a good afternoon.

  2. Thanks Deidre!

    Looks like it won't show up until next week! But..I am sure it will be really'll have to come over and use it!!


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