Monday, April 11, 2005

Rainy Monday

It's so hard to follow up a beautiful weekend with a rainy, overcast Monday! I think I was outside well over 8+ hours this weekend while the kids played and I sunned. Of course have to be outside when Parker is and this weekend was so beautiful, I didn't mind at all. Except for the fact that I couldn't scrapbook or work on the computer! I need a laptop!

So in light of this yucky, rainy Monday..I am putting together a list of things that I dislike:

1) rainy, overcast days

2) printers that won't print!!

3) waking up with a headache

4) going to bed with a headache

5) seeing my stomach in my swimsuit!

6) people who don't watch their kids and assume I will!

7) people whose children litter all over my yard and I must pick it up or go after them!

8) crabby babies at 6:30am!

9) my thighs

10) overpaying for scrapbook supplies!

11) husbands who don't close the bedroom closet door!!!

12) husbands who don't help out!!

13) cleaning the toilet(Parker!!)

14) emptying the dishwasher!!

15) rude people

16) rude people who have no manners whatsoever!

17) neighbors kids who ruin my yard, trees and bushes and think it is funny!

18) taxes(need I say more!)

19) people who lie..and lie all the time!

20) never saying "your sorry" when you should!

Feel free to add some just goes with the day!


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  1. I had the day off so even though it was raining, it was great to not be at work!!! Went shopping and to add to the crappy weather - there were NO GOOD SALES!! Or, maybe it was just that I had no money left after the scrapbook expo!


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