Friday, April 15, 2005

Tax Day!!

Gesh..April 15th is not normally that fun of a day. But for was for me! I got a very fun call today from Andrea Steed, owner of ScrapJazz asking if I would like to accept the offer for their Design Team. Of course..yes!! This is very BIG for me and would be for most! I will be receiving free products each month from different scrapbook sponsors and creating layouts for display on ScrapJazz. So neat! I have for a a very long time wished to be apart of this site's design I am still in shock!

You can visit the site at and you can find my layouts in the Gallery under Buzybunny!

Go take a peek and Happy Tax Day!


  1. How cool about Scrapjazz... congratulations!!!! Andrea is so nice!!!

  2. Congratulations :) It's so great having you on the team.



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