Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Till Tuesday

Does anyone besides me remember this 80's band?? I think they sang "life in a vacuum" or something like that! I actually saw them in concert at a little place out at Westport Plaza. Those were my "punky" days! Too funny!

Nothing really exciting today other than receiving my Hallmark goodies for participating..some good things this time..especially Hoops and Yoyo! I know! I am silly! Scott had some good calls today so that makes him smile. I have a conference call at 4:45 with CTMH regarding teaching at convention. Should be interesting. Right now I feel like I know nothing and there is all this stuff to do..but I know nothing!LOL Maybe I will know more later today!

Need to drop off some layout samples at the store..I really like this one I did of Scott and I so I will post it here. Hard to let go of them even for a bit while they are on display at the store..I feel very possessive of them at times!

Well..I am off..we are going to watch Ocean's 12 tonight..hopefully it is as good as the first one! And counting the days down till next week when we can buy Meet the Fockers! OH MY GOSH..I loved that movie!

Printer is due to arrive tomorrow..thank goodness..I am losing my mind without one!! Have a good one,


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