Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Where Does it Go?

That is time? Where the heck does all the time go? Ha..I have no idea..hard to believe that it is already Tuesday! My head has been spinning ever since I went into the scrapbook store to check on my SEI Mom's Class and found out we have more students signed up than supplies!! I could cry! So I had to put a stop on signups..whichs really makes me sad and frantically try to find more supplies. I ordered some online and called the store to explain the situation..pray with me that they show up by tomorrow or I will be without a clue as to what to do! It never fails..here I have a hit class and not enough supplies to have a ton of students. And even worse is that I changed the supplies twice since the first time I went to pull everything and al the stuff was gone..and this is stuff that sat for months and no one touched. Now..gone! So I switched to the Gertie's Garden and now not enough again. This really bugs me!

So, hopefully that by tomorrow the supplies are here or I will have some really uspset students on my hands..say a prayer for me okay??


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