Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bits of You

Have to share this layout I did of the kids. I had this idea to use all three of their pictures and my word icicles. Came up with this idea of Bits of You(thanks for the prodding Dee!!) and now..I love it! The journaling pulls out from the bag and is about how the kids all have bits and pieces of Scott and I. And yet their own Bits that make them special..but all their Bits together are what I love most. The poem I found was great it is:

Take a lump of clay, wet it pat,
Make a statue of you and a statue of me.
Then shatter them..clatter them
Add some water,
And break them and mold them
Into a statue of you and a statue of me.
Then in mine there are Bits of you
and in you Bits of me
nothing shall keep us apart!


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