Monday, May 16, 2005


Wow..was the weekend just beautiful out or what? Although secretly I was hoping for the rain to last a little longer Saturday morning so I could keep Parker in a bit more and get some things done. But no complaints since it was just great and the kids swam for a bit!

Unfortunately I didn't make as big of a dent in my design work as I would have liked. Got 4 layouts done plus one for just myself! Needed to do one with no specific product required. This week is one of those that if I can get everything done I will really feel good about myself. I have to finish writing an article with photos about my scrapbook room for ScrapJazz. I already started some of it..but really want to do a good job as this is posted on SJ for the whole world to see.

Went last week to Parker's IEP regarding his progress with school and speech. He is doing amazingly well from a year ago..but those darn k's and g's are really not working for him. And he has trouble following a 3-step direction. I am not suprised. But on the whole..seems to be doing really well. Next year he will switch to Point school, which is just 3 minutes from our house, since they are starting a special ed preschool next year..with the smaller classroom size. He will go in the afternoons which will be a change and I bet he'll be worn out! We decided not to send him to Rgoers, where he'll go for school, since the preschool is a normal setting one and more kids. He does better in a small setting..and since it is just as close to home as Rogers..this will be great!

I need to get my rear in gear and figure out a plan for Con and Haley's birthday's. hard to believe Connor will be 10 in just 11 more days! Gosh..10!! That seems really old...makes me feel really old too! And then Haley right behind him turning 8..holy cow! I guess I had better get used to double digit birthday's! HA

Well, have a great day..note to Sharon if you read this..I think you and Mark are just amazing!! Keep us posted!


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