Thursday, May 19, 2005

It's Done

Yeah! It's done..that is the Dad's Book or really whatever you want it to be! I did it for Scott and called it, You make My world Go Round..because he does! I love the colors of it..all those blues and greens and is his favorite I did really good picking these!

Now I feel I can turn my attention to these other projects since I know this one is done! WHEW! Being creative on demand is not easy..I don't know how my friend Dee does what she does..I don't do anything like her work..and somedays I have not one drip of inspiration and other days it just pours out. Usually seems those are the days it's beautiful out and the kids want to play outside and I can't work! Does anyone have an outside scrapbook room? Maybe I should do that!HA

I did snap some really cute pictures yesterday of the boys since they are the focus of most of my design work pages this month. I feel like Haley tends to normally get picked..but the boys are just as cute as she is. Although not maybe dressed as cute!

Okay off for now!


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