Friday, May 06, 2005


Need one! Anyone have one to give!! I could BLOG alot more and get alot more done on my auctions if I had a laptop..I told Scott! He laughed of course..but it's true! Now I love to be outside..don't get me wrong. I live for this beautiful weather..but I am the mom of a 4 year old. Need I say more? Well a four year old boy who in a split second can either get into alot of trouble, dissapear completely on you, walk in front of a moving car or all 3 at the same time!! So I must be outside with him at all times while he is out. Which means..that I don't get much done while doing that. One can only weed and water so much. So I take a book to read..but that is hard to do when you are checking on him..since I find myself rereading the same sentence several times.

So I am petitioning for a laptop. I could blog, read my emails, keep up with the design teams and the posting we do on the sites, auction on Ebay,(shop on Ebay!HA) or just browse the web! Ain't money for one..but shoot..I'll take a used one too!HA We may have to seriously look into it in place of a desktop when I replace the one I am one..might be smarter in the end.

With this great weather this week I was outside and caught some great pics of the boys. No offense to Haley..but I have a TON of her..and they are all the same..cute, cute I thought it was the boys turns..and did I ever get a great picture of enjoy!


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  1. I would love to have a laptop too - everyone in the airport either had a laptop or cell phone - usually both! When we ever get money - I think we are going to get a laptop instead of a desktop too. Very cute pictures of the boys - I can't believe Connor's bracelet collection - how funny! I want to be outside today - is it 5 yet?? - Deidre


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