Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mom's Day

Wow! We are so lucky this weekend..we are having the most amazing weather..beautiful, sunny..warm! Incredible! To me..that is the perfect Mom's Day! No fancy gifts or meals out..just beautiful, warm weather! So thanks weatherman!!

For Mother's Day this week I was invited to a Tea at Parker's class. Too funny! He was so excited to see me, sit down and have lemonade and cookies..too happy to give me my gift..but after that..he was outta there! Typical male! He was like..enough..I told you I love you..had a cookie or two and gave you the let's go. He didn't even hear when they read his story he helped "write" about me. Had to laugh when he said I cooked good bacon and waffles! HA..what a cook! It was fun though...and I love to see him smile when he sees I am there to pick him up..that is the fun part for me!!

Connor and Haley were very anxious to give me my gifts this morning. Connor got to me first and wrote a story about me which was neat as he used the letters in my name to describe me. Gave me a picture frame with his pictures .

Haley gave me a cute I Love You ribbon, a card she made and it had a story about me too. And then my present was a stepping stone. At clue what it was..but then realized she had made a turtle and then I was's really neat!

So a very nice way to start the day...I don't need anything more other then time to sit outside for a bit!

Happy Mom's Day everyone!


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