Thursday, May 12, 2005

Movie Night

Thanks to Deidre..I actually got to get out of the house for a chance to see a early screening of Monster in Law. We met at our usual TJMAxx spot..where thankfully the Gods smiled down on me and I actually found a few pairs of shorts that fit! That is always a good day!! After we shopped we headed over to the movie..but found out it had already sold out! So..we both reason to head home and got tickets to see Sahara with Matthew M!

Not Deidre's normal kind of movie..but I loke it was awfully fine watching Matthew! Wow! And Steve Zahn was too funny! So a fun night..thanks Deidre for asking me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slight change of topic.. creativity!

Where has mine gone!? It's one of those weeks where it just isn't there..can't force it out..but sadly have all these projects that need to get done. So what do I do??? Clean house..figure shoot..if you can't scrapbook you had better do the things you are supposed to be doing since it all gets ushed if I could just figure out how to get my kitchen floor to stay clean! I wish some ceramic tiles would just fall from the sky into my kitchen since I know that they are much easier to keep clean than this stupid white/now filthy linoleum we have!

Hopefully after I spark will return..lots of scrapping to do! for now..thanks again was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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