Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No Time!

Wow! There has been a definite pick up in my to-do list for this and next week. Those things are making a huge dent on my time and that time!! So in order to keep myself sane and for you to see what all a busy gal like me's my list:

1) Finish dad's album class!!!!!!!! It's really turned out well though..but I gotta get it done or no one will sign up!HA

2) Finish kits for Friday night Illinois crop

3) Make Scott go buy felt for Connor's school pupper

4) Read up on how to make a puppet and one with arms no less..since Connor's plays the piano

5) Pull all hair out after realizing that teacher must thing we are bored and need something to keep us busy!

6) Tell Scott he is in charge of making the puppet!HA

7) Put my brain back in my head after agreeing(yesterday!!) to make 19 scrapbooks for Haley's Girl Scout dinner which is..yes in less than a week!

8) Figure out a plan for how to quickly, cutely(is that a word) and inexpensively make 19 albums less than a week!!

9) Pull out hair that is left from when I pulled it out on #5!

10) Finish 2 more layouts for SJ products design team.

11) Get cheerleader picture from mom so that maybe I could finish!

12) Take pictures of kids watching TV for assigned TV themed layout for SJ!

13) Make that TV assigned layout...yes..must be done by Tuesday the 31st!

14) Make 2 more layouts and 1 card for CCottage Design Team Work.

15) Continue placing auctions on Ebay!

16) Make invitations for kids birthday party and mail out!

17) Finish Connor's birthday gifts..oh and while doing that..pick up a gift for Marty since Connor has a birthday party to go to this Saturday!!!

18) Go drink a Mike's Hard lemonade!!

19) Finish example layouts for store!

20)...get a new blog site since we are just going to run out of room with this list!!HAHAHA


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  1. Geesh - I thought I had a lot to do!!! Good luck getting it all done!!! See ya tomorrow.


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