Monday, May 23, 2005


I think someone needs to come up with a device that let's you tan while you sit outside and scrapbook..but nothing will blow away!HA My dilema the entire weekend...I needed to do lots and lots and lots of scrapping..but the kids wanted to be outside! So as always..I got up early..scrapped while I could..emailed..blogged..and then headed outside for as long as Parker wanted to be. Those 19 Girl Scout albums the entire time consuming my head! I was so happy to see rain on Sunday morning..because I knew it gave me more time! How silly is that!

Seriously though..beautiful it is incredible out! I sit here..the sky is incredibly blue, there is a light breeze and shoot if I could see the would be perfect! to get some of those 19 albums's some cute pictures I took of the boys!

Have a good one!

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