Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Time to Purge

What is it about Spring that makes you suddenly feel the urge to purge and get things organized? It seems to always take hold of me and I feel like I can't breathe until I get rid of stuff! So that is what is occupying my spare time(what is spare time!) for the moment. Getting stuff out, putting it up on Ebay, and making my garage sale piles. Gosh..we have more stuff..sometimes I feel like I should just start a big bonfire in the yard and throw everything in it! Don't you get that way too?? I look around and just see too much..too many toys, clothes, household gadgets, junk stuff stuff stuff...it's everywhere.

Thank goodness the basement is done and the storage room is done..but those shelves we added are screaming my name..asking me to please get things organized and put up on the shelves. I told Scott he gets to help me..his enthusiasm was amazing! HA..yeah right!

I also decided it is time to purge my BIG Boyd's bears and bunny collection! I love them and of course love the bunnies..but don't need containers upon containers full of them. A few are fine and some of the special bunnies are fine. I am keeping my Bunnies by The Bay as I love them..but just feel it is time to move on. As Scott said..it's not my look anymore. He's right..and really less IS more!

Changing the subject, you know..these incredible Design Team opportunities I have been chosen for are great!!!! On top of the layouts I made just for me this month..I completed 3 for SJazz, 4 for CCottage and made 2 for the scrapbook store..plus my Mother's Day book..so wow! That is alot in one month! And all these free products too boot isn't too bad either!lol I am really looking forward to my next boxes of products to use..now if I could just figure out how to get onto a few manufacturer's design teams..wow! That would be amazing...wish my luck! I think I can do it!

Well, off to Ebay some more..it's just as addicting as scrapbooking and just as time consuming! Who would know there could be two things I could get in so much trouble with!HAAHA


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