Wednesday, June 15, 2005

3 Hours

Okay somewhere I read about this mom that wished for 3 more hours in every day. She's right..that would be about right for all the things I need to get done. Either that or I am just a poor user of my time! Or maybe it's both! Lately though I get up early with great intentions of working on my design team projects only to find I spent the time emailing, posting on the design boards or wandering through the internet. Anotherwords..yes..I am wasting my time!

But it is hard to wake up and immediately feel like creating something. Even if I start a project the night before..I like to leave it out overnight and look at it in the morning with fresh eyes. And then..I like to leave it there all day and just keep adding things to it. With this process it takes forever to get something done and that has got to change! Ha

Either that or I need those 3 hours! Or a hubby that actually opens his mouth and asked what he can do to help! I think I would fall over backwards if he every did a load of laundry or folded the laundry or even washed the kitchen floor without some form of bribery taking place. Maybe what I really need instead of those 3 hours is just a hubby that helps!HA Is that the key to getting things done? I bet it is..let's see..if Scott actually got up and instead of reading the paper, drinking his coffee for over an hour..actually put in a load of laundry or gasp...emptied the dishwasher..just think of how much that would help me. Whoopps now..I made the me? Is he helping me or helping the family? Family!!

It's like when I ask him to do me a favor and trim and cut the is that doing me a favor. I never cut and trim..designated Scott job. So that is a no-no! He isn't doing me a favor. Well he would be if I didn't have to hound him to do it right?HA

Maybe I do need those extra 3 hours ..but can they be 3 hours without the men?


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