Thursday, June 09, 2005

Birthday Girl

Just a quick note to say that I officially now have a 10 year old and now an 8 year old in the house! GOSH do I feel old!! How could the time have gone by this quick?? Really..just seems like yesterday I had Haley and watched this cute, pudgy cheeked girl crawling all around looking at Connor with these adoring eyes of hers. Then see her walking with those cute blonde pigtails that reminded me of me when I was little. Fast forward to Chicago and seeing her running around the yard chasing Scott and Connor with the water guns. Then her first dance recital which she knocked over the wave for the Under the Sea show! Then starting Kindergarten and having to worry about her in school and missing her terribly! Moving on to her riding her bike without training wheels before the others girls, taking Gymnastics classes and turning into a beautiful little fashion plate!!

Happy 8th Birthday Haley!

We love you lots!!

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