Monday, July 18, 2005


Well we had a busy weekend..but it was fun. Spent Friday at the Science Center since the rain didn't want us to go to Six Flags...hopefully this week. The kids had fun though and did all kinds of things there. We saw the Ciruqe de Soleil film in their IMAX theatre..very wild way to watch a show..kind of makes you feel queasy!! Although Parker just smiled as you see here..

Connor turned into a complete giggling mess when he saw this big spaceship you could play with..he was so took hours for the guy to calm down!!

Haley was her usual happy self..but happiest when she got her balloon dog in the circus area..

All in all a good time! I want to thank my parents for watching the kids for us Saturday night so we could go out. It has been a few months since we have been out and probably more than year or more since the kids were all gone overnight. So that was really nice for us!!

Yesterday we sweated our rear ends off at the Grizzly ball game. Have to wasn't fun doing that. And before we left the kids wanted me to ride this spinning ride with them..wrong choice! Let's just say when it's 100 degrees, your hot sweaty and feeling gross..probably lacking in all the right stuff since you sweated it out..don't ride on a ride! I was close to being the adult that got sick on a kids ride....not a good thing!!

Harry Potter is in the house..need to finish up a library book and then I will be all over it..can't wait to read it!

Okay..that's it for now..oh and thoughts go out to my friend Tammy whose little boy Kyle broke his leg yesterday!! Ouch! Hopefully he'll heal up fast and be back up and running soon!!

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