Friday, July 29, 2005

Pool Day

Well I think it's going to be a pool day for us. Not outside here..but at Riverchase. I usually take the kids about 2pm and we stay till around 6 or so and then go by Sonic for dinner. It's a nice little tradition but something I think they look forward to. I know I do!

I sat outside for about 1 1/2 hours with Parker yesterday. Beautiful day out there..felt so good I started to fall asleep with is rare for me. I was in one of those states where I could hear his every sound and word..but in that zone where you could drift off if he wasn't there with you. I got some great pictures of him in the pool. Here' s one of them.

Then headed out to TJMaxx to get the wall hanging I had seen Wednesday night. I guess I needed to think on it and after looking online at Target and seeing one about the same size but no where near as cool as this. And the Target one was $55 and this one $19.99..I knew I had to go back for it.

Don't you agree!!


  1. Very cool wall hanging and what a good price - good bargain shopping!

    The picture of Parker is great too. He always takes such good pictures.

    Have fun at the pool!


  2. cool wall hanging, cute picture, and who doesn't love a day by the pool and some cherry limeade?


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