Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Who would ever think buying a scanner is a big deal? Now buying this new computer..yes..scanner no. But in my case..yes! You see I have gone through two Visioneer scanners in about 5 years..which to me seems like an awful lot! Now granted they weren't expensive scanners or even anywhere near close to top of the line..all around $70 and for at the time a good scanner.

Well being that I frequent the various scrapbook boards there is always talk about what's the best printer, dig camera, scanner etc etc. So, I got sucked into reading all these posts about scanners. First off..what in the world do we need with so many scanners? I mean really! Does a company have to offer 10 or more different types of scanners? No! Why can't there be a model under $100, under $200 etc etc until you reach whatever is deemed the top most level!HA Why must say HP make like 10 different scanners all around $99? That is so weird and dumb!

So, after reading reading and reading I decided to pick a brand I love..my printer brand..Epson. And the brand all the scrap mags recommend..it offers instant photo fix features..like the Kodak machines..didn't spend a horrible amount..I think around $91..shopped around for the best price. Should arrive I guess next week..so that means I am holding off posting my design work until then as taking a pic of them isn't the same as a scan!

So..if anyone needs a new scanner..I would be happy to give you the 411 on them!HA

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