Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Well I am so darn glad that nasty bunch of rain is gone..I need the sun..can't go days on end with rain and dark skies. It's just not in my DNA..must have it!HA And the kids too..they were losing their minds all cooped up fact..I think Parker definitely lost his as you can see by this sily picture of him! He cracks me up..always!

I am working on his birthday party look for those soon. Hard to believe that he will be 5! Gesh..was he really born in 2000?? I think it was 2001!HA

Had fun last night helping Deidre make cute invitations for Grace's party..hard as well to believe she will be 3! It just seems like yesterday Deidre came over with her in her tiny car seat for me to meet her since I was going to babysit her. She is such a cutie patootie!! Like her mom!! Who's now expecting baby #2..I predict a boy Deidre!

Well I am off for the day.. Scott has a slow, quiet we are enjoying that since our trip to Mexico is postponed to next year! Special thoughts go out to Mark & Sharon who we met almost one year ago..we're lucky to have them! And extra special thoughts to you Sharon!!

Hope you have a good day..mine's good already thanks to Sharon! Here's a fun picture to leave you with..


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