Monday, July 11, 2005

Where does it go?

I've come to decide that during summer..the days just fly by literally! But once school starts..they crawl! What does that mean? I guess the obvious..that it is much more fun during the summer since their is so much to do.

This past week has been another busy one with me working on design team work, working around the house and going to dr's appointments.

I am happy to report that my visit to the internist for the "bump" I felt in my cheek is appearantly nothing. Or nothing now. She wasn't now I am not going to be. Of course, if anything changes..I am supposed to call her. DUH!LOl As if I wouldn't! I just wanted to be reassured..she said it felt like a part of me!HA Or maybe a little lymph node moving around..but since she really couldn't feel it..I guess that meant everything is good.

Had my female checkup today..I love Dr. Cannon..she is the best! Made me feel so good when she told me I had to go for my first mammogram..and I told her I couldn't possibly be old enough. She said..well age wise you are..but looks wise you aren't! You gotta love her. I was happy that I maintained my weight from a year ago..but still need to lose more. She didn't care..said I was fine. To keep doing what I am doing.

She is too neat though..kind of sad when she told me she isn't delivering babies anymore..she delievered Haley and was so cool..still is. I just think of all the mom's that will miss out on having an amazing doctor in the delivery room. I'm just glad I got too!

We were talking about Harry Potter since she is just a big a fan as I am! Comes out Friday at midnight! Different Barnes and Nobles are having parties for it..may have to pop into the Fairview Heights one after the IL scrapbook I can grab my new book! Can't wait!

Well, I just got home and need to get some more design work done and take advantage of an overcast day. Which means I am not feeling pulled to be outside with the kids.

Have a good one!

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