Thursday, August 18, 2005

A BIG Blonde Moment

Okay..just a quickie for today..a Blonde Moment from Haley..

Yesterday, Haley came home from school and asked me where she was born. I asked her why? She replied that they were answering questions at school and she could not remember where she was born. I asked her what her answer she wrote down at school. She replied " AFRICA"!!!! I said, ( while trying not to burst out laughing) who ever told you you were born in Africa with lions and tigers. She said no one. I just couldn't remember. I told her she was born in St. Louis and not Africa while unable to keep a straight face!

Another funny Haley story......Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh, Haley we love ya girl!!! That was just hilarious! I was laughing out loud at that one!

    Good luck tomorrow with your surgery - our thoughts and prayers will be with you!


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