Monday, August 29, 2005

Catch Up

Well here I am just now getting to post and I'll tell you why..busy weekend + busy day + fussy cable modem = not much time!HA

But here's a recap for you if you're still reading..had I think 12 or 13 gals over Friday night for a crop! Seemed to go really well..I think that is the max I can have in the future for everyone to have enough space, room to breathe and set their things. I think overall it went really well and everyone had a good time. I sold a TON of my stuff..but scarey that I have tons more to sell! But that was alot more than I expected to sell. I didn't get a single thing done other than run up and down the stairs a million times. So actually I counted that as a while others cropped...I did the stairmaster right in my own home!HA I honestly felt it something fierce on Saturday so it must have done something!!

Saturday..caught my breath, read a book, moved things back around in my scrap room, shuffled some papers around on a layout I wanted to make, sat outside and got some rays, ran to Schnucks for snacks since Tam, Mark & the and kids were coming and then tidied up a bit. Saturday night..enjoyed a great evening with our friends. We sat outside on the deck..really really really nice and drank and the guys smoked cigars. Had the radio on and later after the sun went down were treated to an amazing heat lightning show that made us all feel like it was the 4 of July all over again! Oh..and there were a million stars out was beautiful!

After that went in to watch a movie and yes picked a bad one!HA Catwoman..yuck! Thank goodness it was free or we would have all been mad! All in all we had a great time and Happy Early Birthday Tammy!!!!!!!!!

Good news for Haley..the bandage is off and she looks great. Although that stupid, queasy part of me almost got the better of me when I got down and checked out her stomach and saw all the stitches above her belly button...yuch! comes the lightheadedness again!LOL BLECH!!!!!! But she does look swimming for a few weeks and definitely no gymnastics for several as well. I think we'll play it safe and hold off on gymnastics until the Winter session..don't need to repull those hernias. UUGHH!

And as I sit here and look at the calendar I see it's almost the end of August which to me is a sign summer is almost over! This one went really fast in my opinion..doesn't seem like we really did a darn thing..although I know we did..just can't think of what. No big trip this maybe that's why I feel sort of down about the whole thing. And of all families we could all use a holiday as Sharon and Mark say!!

Well, I am's a fun layout I got done for Cropper's Cottage this month bringing the amount of layouts I got done to a whopping total of:

15!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW..that it ALOT for one month and I'm not done yet..maybe one more for this contest I read about..we'll see!

I leave you with my newest one..

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