Thursday, August 11, 2005

Design Work

This is a great month for me for Design Team work. The reason..this month's product at Cropper's Cottage is...

KI! YEAH!! Maybe now I can make a dent in my 8 inch stack of papers!HA Seriously though I have already completed 4 layouts and 2 cards and have several more things I would like to get done..and plan to.

Here's a sneak peek of one of them:

I also need to get busy on my Scrap Jazz work..the products are here..Chloe's Closet from Imagination Project. And my theme this month is hair! I have some really cute pictures of Haley to use and figure I'll throw in one about me and all my hair style changes! Should be funny!

The kids are sadly counting down the last few days left of summer..hard to believe we are almost done here! I have been interviewing new families to fill my 2 openings for far so good. But until I have a confirmed yes I worry. Hard not to with how slow Scott has been. Even though my pitiful income doesn't pay much of the least it's something!!

Had a really nice email this morning from an editor of a new scrapbook magazine asking me to submit some of my work to them as they liked my work they had seen online. That was really nice! And even better the work they asked for is Bo Bunny projects. Which means if they are published..than I get paid twice..both by the magazine and then by Bo Bunny! So fingers crossed!

Well that's it for now! The kids have an ice cream social at their school tonight to go and meet their new teachers, see their classrooms and all that! Cannot believe Connor will be in 5th this year! Hopefully a good year for him as they rotate teachers for their different subjects. So he won't have the same time for everything which I think he will like!

Have a good day,

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