Wednesday, August 17, 2005

First Day of School

Well we survived the first day of school! Although it seemed the day went on forever to me and Connor said the same thing. Hard to go from hanging out in your pj's all day to a full day of school and work! Yuch! But we did it..and it's nice it is a 4 day week for week will be long enough.

Here's a silly picture I took of them doing their annual fingers for their grades..

It's become our annual tradition and this year the kids remembered to do it without my asking..they caught on!

Parker doesn't go until noon this year which feels so odd after going in the morning last year..hopefully we'll get used to it. He is waking up early and then looking at me like..why am I not going? Yesterday he kept asking where the bus was..he thought they forgot him! So here's a pic of him too!

Well that's it for now..need to get more design team work done and next week I have a new family of 9 month old twins starting with me. So that will be fun!

Have a good one,

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  1. The kids look so cute - I don't think I have ever seen Parker with tennis shoes on! Good luck with the twins next week - it will be fun!


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