Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jobless in St. Louis

Okay..starting to wonder if St. Louis is a bad place to live! Lately I have heard from more friends and neighbors about job losses that just make me cringe! First my best buddy Deidre, then my neighbor, then my other neighbor, then my other neighbor, then our friends in Scotland, then one of Scott's friends and now our best buddy Tammy! My gosh..what is going on in this City of ours. I see lots of job ads..but at the same time keep hearing of everyone losing their jobs..what's wrong with this picture? And for Scott..the real estate market has been so slow for him..tons of homes for sale..not as many buyers..not the same as last year. I told Scott pretty soon we'll be back to flipping burgers if things don't pick up soon. Either that..or we're selling everything(except my computer!) and living the simple life on a beach somewhere! Anyone know of any shacks for sale in the Mediterranean?

A little good news for me..Bo Bunny emailed me and asked me to do some design work that they will submit to Paper Crafts Magazines Party Creations issue. Wow..never done this before..but hopefully I can come up with something that they'll use!!

And speaking of Bo Bunny..killed two birds with one another layout doen for the design work and a sample for the store too! Love this one..real pencil on it!

Haley is doing well..goes next Monday to have the bandage removed! The boys are great...Parker is really doing well and Connor is off to a great start this year...that's all I know for now..


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  1. Adorable layout! Good news about the design work too!

    Have a good day!


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