Monday, August 15, 2005

Last Day of Summer

How can it be the last day of summer already? These kids and I both got shortchanged about 2 weeks and I am feeling it today! Funny they are still asleep as I type this and tomorrow this time will be up for over 3 hours and in school! This week will be crazy trying to adapt to the school life again. They both are excited though and suprisingly Connor has a great attitude about going back too. Maybe it's because this year the 5th graders rotate between the 3 teachers for different subjects to prepare them for junior high next year. Regardless..he is right now excited. And told us he would like to play soccer this year! Holy Cow! So I have to make some calls this morning as I am sure registration has already come and gone..but after 2 years of nothing..this is a good sign. So..hopefully I can get him on a team!

We had a fun day on Friday. Took the kids to shop using their birthday gift cards..they each got something. Haley Bratz babies, Parker a pirate ship and Alice n Wonderland movie(couldn't find Chitty Chitty Bang I'll get that on Ebay for him) and Connor a PS2 game. Then we headed off to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Which was excellent and Johnny Depp was his usual amazing self. I think they did a great job with it..and the kids loved it.

Then off to McDonald's to pick them up some dinner..not a bad day for three kids! Here's a cute picture Scott took of me and the squirts before we left..

I am never in any photos and need some of me so the kids know when they look back at their scrapbooks that I was actually around!haha

I have been busy scrapping too..almost too much but my head still feels I am keeping up while I can. I know with the babies coming back full time I will really have to work harder to get my work done. I will miss my summer mornings of working on my design work and emails! Here's one I did for Scrap Jazz's hair theme.

Woke up with a yucky headache today most likely due to stress over Scott's closing today. We need this closing more than ever..we have to have it..we won't make it without it! There it's out! And sadly the buyers of his sellers house have been idiots from day one and almost pulled out. Now the night before closing they are pulling cr*p again and stressing out Scott's seller and Scott to the point of craziness! Demanding things done to the house that 1) they didn't ask for and 2) were already fixed. So pray for us today that this closing happens and the Sandvoss family makes it another's not fun this business of being in sales!! And I could use one too..waiting to hear if the family who interviewed me last week will chose me and another family is interviewing me tomorrow..I need them both!

Thanks! Until tomorrow...


  1. Adorable layout of Ms. Haley! I loved Charlie & the CF too - I LOVED Johnny Depp! Also - we have Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - got the DVD at Once upon a Child in SC - you can have it for Parker - Grace is not interested in it!
    We will keep sending good thoughts your way - hope everything goes perfect today for Scott!

  2. Also - the picture of you and the kids is great - you blondies look so cute together!


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