Monday, August 01, 2005

Nice Easy Weekend

Well it was a nice easy weekend with really nothing to do other than to clean this house..and that in itself is alot of work.

Took some pictures of the kids, read the rest of my book..which I think brings my summer book reading count to around 15 or more..isn't that unreal!! I love to read! Started a new book..but it's no where near as good as reading Harry Potter was! I still can't believe the ending..and won't say anything since Dee hasn't finished hers! Now I want book 7!!

I have Matthew M on the brain..don't know what the heck it is..but he is definitely on my mind.

Haley and I watched a bit of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days last night..she likes it too! Good taste for an 8 year old!

I need to get some projects done as it looks like in order to keep in with the store I need to keep 2 classes a month going. Not sure if I can do that..I'm going to give it a try and see. It's doesn't seem like much but when you figure SJ design work, CC design work and BB design work plus a crop once a month here and then 2 classes on top on that and then add life to that..that is an enourmous amount! So we'll see!

Special thoughts go out today to our friends Mark and Sharon who we met a year ago in Cancun! Today is their Anniversary and they are on holiday together celebrating! We wish we were there with you to toast again on the beach! We love you guys! Here's to many more years together for you both and to our friendship!!

Well that is it for now..more later after I get some work done..until then enjoy Matthew! WOW!!

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