Friday, August 12, 2005


Don't you love when you get up and have some good news! Mine..although not Big is still really nice for me. Remember the email I got from the Scrapbook Answers magazine asking me to submit a card of mine they saw? Well they emailed me and said they would definitely like to publish it! SO YEAH!! And even better it's a Bo Bunny that means Bo Bunny will pay me for it being published as well!! The only slightly downside to it is that BBunny has the card since they displayed it at CHA in Chicago. So this morning I am remaking it since this magazine needs it to photograph it. No problem..thank goodness I have all the supplies I used the first time!

Well, we were going to see about taking the kids to Six Flags today..but honestly Scott and I just don't care to go. Don't tell them though! It's just too darn hot..if it was a matter of going and sitting on the beach..fine. But Six So we are going to take them to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then out to eat and then hit Target and ToysRus so they can use their gift cards they have. I think that sounds just as good! Right?

I was going through my disks yesterday looking for some pictures to use on some layouts this month and ran across all sorts of cute pictures. This one I love..notice the Oreo on Parker's mouth!

This was cute too..from Haley's 5th birthday party!

And one last stroll down memory lane..Connor's 7th Birthday!

That's it for today..need to go finish this card! Have a great day!

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