Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Babysitter For Hire

Gosh..might as well post it here as I am not getting any calls off my ad which mind you cost a small fortune to place! I think I have told everyone I know to keep me in mind..and that's just it..I can't get it out of mine! I can't sleep at night worrying about this..and just wish for once that a sign would show up right smack in front of my face that would tell me what to do. I've never before had a "shortage" of families..but right now this feels terrible and I think is not a good "sign".

So...send me a sign..quit, continue, be patient, pray more, give it up and sell the whole kit and kaboodle and move to an island and live on coconuts!(I'm seriously contemplating this!)

That's all I can say since that's all I can think about! Thank goodness for Parker who truly is a ray of sunshine!

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