Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blah blah blah

Until the phone rings and an actual person setups up an interview to meet me..that's how I feel about the whole thing right now! I've had 2 calls this week..but I realized that I think I have lost my faith in people for now. It's hard not too..you put yourself out there, show them your home, family and tell about yourself..get hired and then get stepped on. It's a very difficult experience and sad that most people don't look on it as it they should. They want the best..but won't pay for it and have no hesitation in just dropping you when it suits them. So..blah blah blah until they show up!

My busy weekend is thankfully over. The pressure to create was heavy upon me this weekend! I put off my Bo Bunny assignment until the end but I knew it would really force the good stuff out of me if I did..and it did! Now to wait and hear if they use some or all or none! Let's hope for all! I know I am!

And you know normally I don't say that I am glad it's the 4th week of September..but this week means a return of ER, Survivor(well yes..it was on last week), The Amazing Race, The Apprentice and many new others. Shoot..I had better start excercising at night while watching TV as it looks like my butt will be glued to the chair starting now! We did watch a cute movie over the weekend. Scott went out for some movies since we had pretty much watched every free movie on our On Demand. He came home with Monster in Law and Sin City. Suprisingly I liked MIL..Jane Fonda looks amazing..I wanna be her when I grow up! We're still watching Sin City..it's different..but then maybe that is nice for a change.

Word has it Mr. Matthew Mcconaughey looks pretty darn fine in his new movie coming out..and this is coming from Scott! He should have never have told me he saw a commercial for it..now I am on the hunt for more about Matthew. Still he has Penelope Cruz..but a girl can dream!

Okay..I'm off..sharing with your my losing layout I had made for a Making Memories contest...I still think it's a winner!

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  1. Sorry to hear you are not having much luck with finding some new families!

    I love your water layout - can't wait to see your new ones you just created - send them to me if you can!

    Did you watch Medium last night? Only saw part of it, but it was okay. I am waiting for ER, Desperate Housewifes, and my fav - Grey's Anatomy! Lots of butt sitting goin' on in our house too!


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