Thursday, September 15, 2005


Yep..that's exactly what I am this week boring! With too much floating around my head..just blah! Anyone else feeling this way this week? I've got plenty to do...don't get me wrong there! Shoot..more like when don't I have something to do. It's just a blah boring feeling in me most likely due to what's in my head. It's a cold. You can't help it when it takes you just need to find a way to recover and move on. That's what I need to do..recover..move on. But move on to where? See..there I go again..I think I know the answer and it actually is reverse what I thought a few days ago. I feel like Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty when he's driving down the road asking God for a sign and this truck drives by him with all these road signs in it..

that's me right now..boring and looking for a sign!

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