Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Gentle Reminder

I think this last week's horrible disaster in the gulf is a gentle reminder to us all to the grateful for what we have. Often I find myself wishing for things I don't have or want to go and do. But after viewing hours and hours of coverage of this unheard of disaster..I feel like a greedy, ungrateful person. Although I know I am not but you still can't help feeling that way when you see people sitting in the Astro Dome with nothing and I am surrounded with everything!

I think life is general is a test..a test to see what you can endure. While some just seem to glide through life..others seem to constantly struggle. I think Scott and I am right smack in the middle. We've had a lot of crap and some good things and then more crap! Like this weekend..both of my new families..one which was to start today have cancelled. In 7 years of childcare..I have never had 2 families quit in one weekend and one quit before starting. I am still shocked but it all..but maybe this is another test. A test to see if I am chosing the right profession. A test to see if this family can weather this "storm" of ours.

I'm not sure of the outcome for us..but this I know..I still have lots to be grateful for..that is what I have to remind myself of!

And just have to say that our friends Mark & Sharon are on a very exciting "road trip" if you will! This week is quite important for them and I want them to know we are thinking about them during this time! So if you have a spare moment..please say a special word of good thoughts for them..more to come!

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