Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm Hair

Really I am here! It's just that I've been under a design deadline and once I got it done..I took a few days "off" so to speak. I put so much energy into my weekend and all the projects I had that I just needed to step back from my normal routine. Gosh..a day off with no one..nothing would be good too. I can't even imagine what that is like to have an entire day completely to one's self. It has to feel amazing. However, I don't see that happening in my foreseeable future. But a girl can dream!

I will say that I am really pleased with all the work I got accomplished this weekend..really feels nice when you hit your mark and then some. I definitely did the end then some. I also had to reapply for the Cropper's Cottage design team. Hoping I will still be apart of it...I have really enjoyed it and love ho much I accomplish in the month with all the work I do. I am still feeling good about all my as long as I feel that way..I say lets keep on keeping.

Changing the topic to one near and dear to my!LOL Now did you think I misspelled the title of this post? Come on admit did!HAAh But I didn't! I went for my hair appointment last night..told the color we've been doing..don't change a thing..just want a much more choppier shorter haircut. Well I love the cut..but you know..either there are gremlins in the color mixing room or my hair decided to ingnore the bleach because my hair is most definitely not the same. And you know..I had a feeling something was up when she rinsed my hair out and then said she had to go get something to put on it. Now normally I don't say anything while in the salon unless my hair is freaking yellow/green/purple and I didn't ask for it. I know their lights are weird and I like to look at it at home in my lights before drawing an opinion..but I already know it's not blonde enough. The lowlights pulled redish this time and she cut so much off my hair..that their is no stinkin blonde on the mid to bottom section of my hair. Maybe she should highlight my hair after the cut??? That's what they did in Chicago so you didn't cut off all the color you just put in.

So..looks like I get to call today and ask to come in again and again have more blonde put in. I have figured out that this happens like every 4th appointment of mine..but you know..I won't settle and just wait 7 weeks..this is like my hair!

"I'm not offended by all the dumb-blonde jokes because I know that I'm not dumb. I also know I'm not blonde." ~Dolly Parton

Have a good one!

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  1. Oh - your hair can't be that bad, but I do love the picture of the kitty - too cute!

    Enjoy your day of freedom on Friday and we will see ya in the evening for a much needed break!



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