Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Modem in the House & Katrina

Gesh..anyone notice I have been quiet?? Well the blame is entirely on Charter and my appearant prehistoric modem! Had to wait two darn weeks for an appointment to have the guy come out and "fix" it. Only for 2 seconds after he leaves for the problems to start again! Talk about I sent Scott today to Charter for a new modem. The gal asked if the modem he was giving them was theirs as it was so old she had never seen it!HA So..I got me a brand new spanking little ole modem and so far so good! Let's hope!

On a heavy thuoghts and prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Although I personally do not know anyone..I do know of a wonderful gal on the scrapbook boards who is the creator of Scrap Submit which is a site for scrappers to upload their layouts to magazines for publication consideration.

Appearantly she, her hubby and their 3 kids lost everything. They lived in Biloxi and from what everyone has said she used to joke that the Gulf of Mexico was her backyard if that tells anything! And what is sad is that they left Sunday night with nothing thinking they were just leaving for the night. Appearantly her mom is driving down to get them as they are living in their car as they have nothing, no money and can't even buy gas to go anywhere. Amazingly all the gals on the scrap boards are arranging donations for them, money gift cards, and she was a published scrapper and so many companies are donating products to her, another company is donating that they will print off all her layouts that were posted online so that she will have's just amazing and horrible at the same time. Scott and I said we can't even comprehend walking away from everything in this house and being left with a car and the clothes on our back.

So when we all get cranky as I know we will with gas going up to astronomical prices..let's all take a minute and remember what we have..quite a lot!

And if you would like to make a donation..I know mine is small..but everything's where to go..

Even $5 is appreciated!! Just think..if everyone on your street gave $5 or everyone on your office floor..or everyone in your child's class...what we can do for a family who doesn't even have money for gas to go to their families.


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