Monday, October 17, 2005

Busy Weekend

Well the Sandvoss crew had a busy weekend! We started off Saturday meeting Mom and Dad at the new Christ Memorial Church..the old Target on Lindbergh. They were having a big fair to kick things off with all sorts of games and big inflatables jumps and stuff for the kids. They of course had a ball and the weather was perfect!

It was funny for me as I ran into old classmates that I graduated high school with and had gone to church with as well. No one recognized me..but I recognized them with I thought was funny. Hopefully that means I changed for the better! Everyone had kids..several..although I had the most of those I ran into.

Saturday later afternoon..I worked on one of my design team assigments and made I think my most favorite project yet. I had to use the clear 8 by 8 page frames and decided to do a display of the kids. It turned out so good..I am so pleased with my efforts. I will post pics after the ribbons comes I found on Ebay to hang them all together.

Saturday night..relaxed hung cutie Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing. I think I could watch him in absoslutely anything and listen to him talk with that incredible accent of his!!!

Sunday..finished up that dt project. Then got Haley ready for her Pom Pon clinic at Oakville high. Headed off to Target to inflict more damage on my already damaged credit card..found some 5 by 7 HP photo paper so that is good. And found some cute clothes for Haley..who needs to stop growing!

Then went and saw Haley and Grace perform their number. They will perform Thursday night at halftime for the high school soccer game. Should be really fun to watch them!

And then that was it..went for a walk and cleaned the floor, cleaned the kids and crashed!

Oh and I didn't post last week that my Epson printer has once again started the infamous red streaky lines again. Remember how upset I was when it did that and I couldn't fix it. Debated,,hemmed and hawwed and ordered that big Canon 19900 printer only to have my Epson start working again. Well guess's happened again only this time I got smart. My new computer came with an HP printer which I had not even taken out of the box. So..I got it..switched them out..and tested a print that I had done on the Epson and WOW..the HP is quite amazing I must say. The photo looks just as that is good news for me! I am going to hook the Epson up in Con's room and see if I will come back to life once again as it only does the lines on pictures..but at least this HP is just as good!!


  1. Oh yes! You will love the HP. I'm so happy with mine. And the 5x7 photo paper is the only way to go. You have a winning combination set up!

  2. Julia - So happy to see you!! Where are you going to post your project? I can't wait to see it because it sounds really cool!!


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