Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Crime of Cruelty

Well, I had a not so nice experience to write about today. It has to do with a form of cruelty known as crime and sadly we have now experienced it.

Last night I was at the mall to interview for a part time job. I had Parker with me as Scott had a listing appointment. I had Parker bring his Leapster to keep him occupied while we talked. We went out into the mall, sat on the benches, while Parker sat in these massage chairs. Well he was more interested in those chairs than his Leapster..so he put it on the chair and was walking all around Mary and I and all within distance of the chair itself.

During the interview a family walked up..Mom, Dad and two young girls..around Parker's age or older. I noticed that they stopped and the chair and were messing around at it..but figured they would know that the little boy who was walking around it was the owner of the Leapster and I sitting right there..I mean. I almost said to them that it is his..please leave it alone. But thought..why on earth would I need to tell them that with me here and him there.

So back to the interview...and I realized Parker had moved away from the chair and I asked Mary to hold on for a second so I could round him up and noticed that yes...his Leapster was gone. I could have died right then and there!! Mary called Security, I walked around looking for them with him..nothing! By the time I had to go the Security Officer, Mary and the Customer Service gal were all so upset that a family would be so cruel to steal another child's prized possession!! I am still in shock!

I am mad at myself for making him bring in his Leapster when he said he wanted to leave it in the car! I am mad at myself for putting the 4 rechargeable batteries into the bag!! I am mad at myself for picking up the 3 games that were sitting on the car seat when we got out and putting them in his bag!! And I am really mad at myself for not opening my BIG mouth and telling those people to leave his Leapster alone! He lost his Leapster, $80, his case, $20, 6 games with a value of about $170+ and 4 rechargeable batteries, $10!

I am just so mad and upset...................


  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Parker's leapster - what kind of horrible, dishonest people would do that when you and Parker were right there! Maybe they will have a change of heart and turn it back in - I will keep my fingers crossed!

  2. Wow, Julia! I can't believe the nerve of some people!! So sorry that happened and I'm glad you were able to get him another one.


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