Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fun Day!!

Well it was a really fun day off for me and Parker too!! We followed the school bus to the Zoo and headed off to find the kids. They kids were broken into into groups of 6 and we had personal tour guides take the kids around to different animal exhibits.

When the kids broke for a class Parker and I headed off to the train. We took the train around the entire Zoo..which made him very happy!

Then we met the kids for lunch..and had about 30 minutes after to go off on our own. We went to the Penguins..brrrr!!! And then I had tickets for the Carousel which was fun too!

Then we had to take the kids back to the bus. Parker and I headed back in to the Children's Zoo..he wasn't too thrilled with a guy walking around with a snake. After that we had to find the Zebras as Parker had talked about them all day and I knew we couldn't possibly leave without seeing them. He and I walked over 3/4 of that Zoo before we found those cuties..but it was worth it.

I decided since Parker is so crazy about them and he loves his little stuffed animals he sleeps with..that we needed to find a Zebra. So yep..we got the cutest and softest Zebra for him to add to his sleeping buddies collection!haha

All in all a great day off for Parker and I!!!!!!!!


  1. Ah, trips to the zoo! Looks like it was a great day all around, and Parker sure looks thrilled to see the zebras!

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