Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween to you today!!

Well, it's dark, yucky and rainy here in St.Louis. Gives the feeling of Halloween..but we could do without the rain when it comes time for the kids to Trick or Treat tonight! Which reminds me that the kids haven't picked out any jokes to tell! Uh oh..better get going on those!

Busy day today as I am working, running to Connor and Haley's school to peek in on their parties and then Scott is going to Parker's. Family stopping by tonight to see the kids before they head out and then me hiking around(hopefully not in the rain) with the kids while the trick or treat!

Hope where ever you are..Sharon in Scotland, Dee in Connecticut and Ali in Virginia..that you have a very Happy Halloween! Oh and special birthday wishes to the Halloween girl Dee..what a cool day to have a birthday!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the house as requested by Sharon!!


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  1. Happy Halloween to you guys!!! Have fun tonight - luckily we were able to go trick or treating last night for a while so if it is still raining tonight we will just have to hand out candy - if anyone is out!


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