Monday, October 24, 2005

Here Weekend..Here Weekend..Come Here Weekend..Where Did You Go?

Ever feel like that? Like your much anticipated weekend has just passed you by in a blur and you wish you could call it back? That was mine. It was fun..lot's of things happening but in reality much too short!

We started off Friday night with Haley's pom pon performance at the High School Football game. She was cute..did a great job too! Here's a pic of her practicing before they performed!

After she performed we came inside and got her dressed in her Halloween costume to take her to the School Halloween Fair. She was meeting a friend. So here is Haley transformed into Helen of Troy or as we told her for the kids who don't know who that is..a Greek Goddess!HAHA

After dropping off Haley..Scott and I watched Fever Pitch..very cute! those for a change after last weekend's Vampire movies!ha

Saturday first day of work at Gymboree...and I did great. No worries..I told myself that if I felt like it was work..than I didn't need it. I think 50 hours a week of childcare is enough work really. But it was fun. I helped lots of nice people who I think appreciated my being a working Mom too who wouldn't pressure them into buying all 6 kinds of hair pieces!ha I of course had to try out my discount and got some much needed sweatpants for Parker..theirs are the best! And a pj dress and slippers for Haley for Halloween. That discount is nice!

Saturday afternoon..saw the Burke's!! They are too cute! We miss Grace alot..she is getting too big Deidre!! Handed off the Princess buckets I made for Deidre..they looked good I think!

Then..Saturday night! We think our last dinner and a movie date night was in sad is that!! I drooled heavily over Matthew M in Two for the Money! WOWOWOW..he looked just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott laughed at my noises I made. Then we headed to Cheesecake Factory for an amazing late dinner with my favorite friends..their Shrimp Rolls...heaven on earth!!!!!!!!! And of course we finished off our meal with a to die for piece of Chocolate Turtle Pecan Cheesecake!!!!!!

One word....YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday..worked on DT work, the umpteen piles of laundry and changing out my clothes from summer to most definitely fall!! And the best part..I called and talked to Sharon and she's doing well!

No wonder I think the weekend flew by..that's alot!

That's all for of new projects coming soon...


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  1. Glad you had a great date night! The buckets were a total hit - everyone LOVED them! Have a good day!


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