Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Kids

Well our Halloween was filled with rain! Lots of it! In fact enough that the kids didn't want to go outside and trick or treat! BLECH! So we gathered for a few photos..and then headed to the mall. Got there..and everyone was there and no candy left! GESH! Funny as I had Scott bring our bucket with treats and give them out to kids. But I didn't see anyone else doing that which made me think. If all these parents are here with kids and not at home..and it's raining..where's all their treats? Why didn't they bring them and hand them out? Good question? I think so too! I leave you today with some funny pictures of the kids..

oh and I think a spook has gotten into my blog as it is doing all kinds of weird stuff! You may need to refresh your screen a time or two!

That's it for now...


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  1. Cute pics of the kids! Connor's costume was GROSS, but I guess that was the point! Thats a bummer they didn't get any candy!


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